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About us


A happy company that contributes to healthier and more beautiful humankind and the earth with eco-friendly cosmetics


Contribution to the development and growth of clients with differentiated values and innovative products

Based on the inspiration from nature,

Natural Way Korea Inc. was established in 1996 under the philosophy, "products that are closer to nature are closer to skin."

Under the faith of humanism and environmentalism, Natural Way Korea Inc. ceaselessly aims to be a happy company that makes humankind and the earth healthier and more beautiful.

Natural Way Korea Inc. generates happiness through the environmentally-friendly raw material referred to in the mission.


Corporate Research Institutes

Major Facilities

Foreign Authentication Status


ISO 9001/14001/22716


Main Clients


Social Contribution

Natural Way Korea Inc. will constantly try to be a prized company by taking the lead in social contribution to help neighbors in need and fulfill the corporate socially responsible by returning part of the profits.

1. 2% Love Sharing

Referring to Noblesse Oblige, all executives and

staff members of Natural Way Korea Inc.

have been donating 1% of their income since January 2011

and Natural Way Korea Inc. also has

​been donating 1% of company profits.

The 2% donation has been donated as a love sharing fund

to Fruit of Love and UNICEF, and to help a child

breadwinner and neighbors in need ​as supporting money.

2. Good Fragrance Scholarships

By supporting families in need and educational contribution

for children and teenagers,

they can have a dream as a sound community member

and distribute their good fragrance to society.

Natural Way Korean Inc. supports their development and growth.

The support was initiated in 2019 and

has been contributed to families in need in the Paju district

particularly the earnest 20 high school students.

​Every year, the number of students who have a dream increased.

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